VertiGrille Lets You Cook 3-times More Food at the Same Time

It’s the beginning of summertime and all of us on this page love smoked meat. However, the only problem that we face while barbecuing meat is that the cooking space is quite limited on the grill. Here comes the VertiGrille to solve all are barbecuing woes. This simple unit has been designed to maximize cooking capabilities and let us cook three times more food at the same time.

Instead of keeping food horizontally on a grill, this unit allows you to stack meat vertically. This way you can easily increase the number of items to be cooked at the same time. Another benefit of this handy unit is that you can prepare meats and veggies altogether without cross-contamination. So, there will be no mixing of flavors while cooking.

Made of durable materials, the device comes in two parts – one is the stainless steel base and another one is a set of six double skewers. All the parts are made out of machines handled by different operators from China and USA. Due to its unique layout, ‘VertiGrille’ ensures even cooking by letting you fix meats on the skewers. This way it meats remain lifted and slightly elevated from the direct flame, which can cause burning of the food. Furthermore, it’s vented designs makes sure heat circulates evenly around the food during cooking.

You can pre-order the product from the official website on request. The company is offering a limited number of introductory pricing and free shipping to early backers. After selling these initial inventory products, this offer no longer will be available.

For now, you can check out the video given below to find out what is the product all about and how does it work.

Via: GadgetFlow

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