Voyager Portable BBQ Grill Featuring Reversible Cast Iron Hot Plate

While plenty of portable BBQ grills are available on the market, it’s quite difficult to choose which one serves the purpose right. But the latest Voyager Portable BBQ Grill by 4WD Supacentre is definitely going to up your barbecuing game. The compact and easy-to-carry grill boasts double-sided vitreous enamel cast iron hot plate that can be flipped over to serve as a grill and draining out the juices away.

The fun-length stainless-steel burner has 16MJ/h of heat output for providing even heat distribution over the whole surface. This one is a versatile and easy-to-use product with highly efficient burner, which uses approximately 320g/h of LPG on setting maximum heat level.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill has been designed keeping travelers in mind. Therefore, it has a simple design with a lightweight construction that features removable stainless-steel legs and a protective hard carry case. Moreover, you need less than a minute to set up this grill and you’re good for cooking.

To set up the grill, just take out the unit from its carry bag, slot its legs in place, turn on the gas flow valve and fire the integrated push button for ignition. It is small in size, but capable of looking just like a normal full-sized BBQ grill without any hassle or creating any sort of mess.

With just 8 kg of weight, it is easy to stash it into your vehicle and take it anywhere you go for impromptu cook-ups. This portable BBQ grill will become your best travel companion to get your meals ready anywhere you wish to camp. Hence, it’s likely to become the favorite of travelers, campers, and 4WD tourers. You can purchase it online for only $126 and have a good time camping and cook your favorite grilled meat or veggies.

Via: DigitalJournal


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