Arden Indoor BBQ Grill Lets You Grill Throughout the Year

Created by FirstBuild, Arden indoor BBQ is a perfect equipment to let you smoke any food within the comfort of your home.

It comes integrated with smoke elimination technology.

You can burn the wood pellets within this smoker to add perfect smoky flavor to your meat and veggies.

The device also comes with a proper control panel to make it easier to select the smoker intensity, as well as the desired temperature setting.

This indoor BBQ smoker also comes integrated with a water tray, dishwasher-safe racks, and a drip tray.

This compact device can itself maintain the cooking temperature and even includes a metal probe to manage the entire internal temperature.

It also includes an in-wall electric unit to mimic the performance of complete wood-fired brick oven.

You can pre-order it through Indiegogo for an early-bird price of $650.