Owen James of Maven Industries has created with metal wood burner, which is inspired by Dalek from “Dr Who,” which is a sci-fi TV series.

Made from metal, this entire wood burner exactly resembles one of the Daleks, who are fictional mutants of an extraterrestrial race.

However, the purpose of this particular unit is to help you keep warm by ‘exterminating’ wood stacks in your garden.

Using some garden cuttings or a pile of wood, you can easily warm the surroundings with this sci-fi-influenced wood burner.

It also features a BBQ grill space to help you cook your favorite steaks, chicken, or vegetables.

The internal parts are removable to ensure easy assembly. And, you can easily clean these parts after use.

This is how it appears when ignited. It seems as if the mutant is ready to go on its next mission.

You can put the wood stacks in this section conveniently. After use, you can open it again for cleaning the ashes.

It’s an ideal wood burner for the backyard of a diehard Whovian. What do you say? Would you like to see it in your garden?