You may have seen many recipe books on different barbecue recipes. But only the Bible of Barbecue can walk you through the step-by-step BBQ cooking process.

Brazil-based kitchen supply company, Tramontina, has come up with this holy manual with each chapter containing things that one may need during the grilling procedure.

As you open the book, you find a page that’s made using charcoal. Simply smash it into pieces to start fire.

The next two pages include a paper and fan for making it easier to ignite fire.

This fan can double up as a dining table mat once you’re done using it while cooking.

You’ll also find a knife sharpener page to keep your meat cutting knifes in perfect condition for chopping.

One page even includes a nice apron to keep the grill master protected from unwanted cooking oil stains.

And, the wooden cover of the book also caters as a cutting board for cutting desired veggies and meats.

Do you think you need this Barbecue Bible to make your grilling process easier?