Have you ever wondered how to master the art of preparing delicious meat and veggies on your BBQ grill?

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind. These tips are quite obvious by many but often get neglected by grillmasters. 

Tip 1: Get the right charcoal for cooking. Use lump wood for direct grilling on high heat. And for slow cooking, briquettes are the best for perfect roasting. 

Tip 2: Prep the charcoal for around 20-40 minutes until they turn orange. Shake them up a bit and burn for another 10 minutes. Now, is the best time to start grilling.

Tip 3: Buy fresh meat and veggies to ensure your grilled food tastes amazing. The quality of food really matters in enhancing the overall taste of any grilled dish.

Tip 4: Prepare fresh sauces and seasoning to add a tasty flavor to every dish you want to prepare.

Tip 5: Keep checking the food temperature using a thermometer while grilling. It will ensure that your food is perfectly cooked.