Weber Blazer: A Concept BBQ Grill With Space-Age Design

Weber Blazer Concept Grill is For Those Who Take BBQ Seriously

Are you one of those drifters who cannot compromise on their food even when traveling? Weber Blazer Concept Grill by industrial designer Stephen Chu is a great unit that’s designed like a form of art.

After all, it’s a modern interpretation of a compact portable grill for camping, picnic, and other outdoor sites.

The project design makes the most of the materials that are taken from the motorsports industry. Overall, it’s a high-end barbecue unit with a lightweight, minimalist, and durable design for a professional grill master who takes cooking seriously.

The materials and design aesthetic of this grill takes a cue from the user’s lifestyle. Particularly, the unit consists of lightweight but high-strength materials from the adventure motorsports industry.

Plus, the octagonal geometric design conveys the modern style while boasting impeccable toughness and durability. Therefore, it seems perfect for modern-day BBQ enthusiasts who prefer portable, compact, and durable outdoor gear.


If you have a closer look at its carbon composite cage stand, you can realize that its inspiration comes from design of a car roof. For better storage at the time of travel, you can flip over its bottom cage stand.

This storage unit is nicely integrated beneath the bottom shell of the charcoal dish bowl. That’s how it even acts as a solid protective frame across the main form.

Weber Blazer Concept Grill

For an experienced grill master with still, the integrated dual top sliding vents are present within the top lid. It ensures maximum heat control and better airflow over indirect or direct heat. Even the design of other details follows the same approach.

This BBQ unit has firm grip handles, a lightweight milled aluminum ashtray, and a hexagonal grill pattern. All these units complements its stunning design with a unique sense of fine geometry and precision.

Weber Blazer Concept Grill parts

Finally, to finish off the design, the grill unit also features a limited edition series number and the Weber logo. Overall, it is a compact yet stylish grill unit. But sadly, Weber Blazer Concept Grill is just a prototype for now. We hope that the designer soon brings it to the production phase for the commercial market too.

Weber Blazer Grill

Via: StephenChu

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