Weber’s Genesis Smart Gas Grills Are Great For No Sweat Grilling

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, many intelligent kitchen appliances have made our lives easier than ever before. However, this technology remained away from the barbecue grill until now.

Recently, Weber-Stephen Products LLC, (Weber), a renowned brand of innovative and high-performance grilling, has launched its new Weber Genesis Smart Gas Grills with wireless connectivity and functioning. When connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, these smart gas grills enable the users to control various grilling functions and parameters via the Weber Connect app.

Weber Genesis Smart Gas Grills

The models of the Weber Genesis gas grills include Genesis EX-315, Genesis EX-335, and Genesis SX-335. These gas BBQs have everything from creating countdowns for food preparation to monitoring the temperature of the grill. The users stay updated on the functioning of these grills through active notifications that warn them if it’s time to turn the grill off.


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The new grills even come integrated with an interior lighting system known as Night Vision. This night mode can automatically get activated by movements of the grill, controls, and auxiliary table. When this mode is on, it facilitates the use of a BBQ grill even in low light conditions.


Weber Genesis Smart Gas Grills offers:

  • Alert notification on your phone when the food is ready to serve
  • Setting timer countdown
  • Step-by-step grilling instruction on phone
  • Food temperature monitoring
  • Alert notifications on low fuel levels
  • Monitoring of fuel levels
  • Flip and serve in-app alters
  • Real-time food monitoring


The new Weber Genesis smart gas grills come integrated with Weber Connect technology. Being a precision grilling platform, the Weber Connect technology makes grilling a smoked meal simple for each level of cooking via easy Wi-Fi and smartphone-enabled grilling experience.

Price and availability

The new Weber Genesis gas grills will be available for purchase from the end of February. You can get these grills in various sizes and versions with prices beginning at €1,749 (approx. US $1954).


Via: PRNewswire

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