Ziv’s Portable Smoker Collapses and Folds into Portable Carry Case

In summertime, cooking our own smoked meat is an amazing way to relax and feed your family. But taking a full-size smoker to your camping trips is not possible. However, Ziv’s Portable Smoker is a great portable cooking device to let you prepare smoked meat anywhere you go.

Weighing only 14 lbs, this lightweight smoker is made from sturdy steel and has a collapsible body that can fold into a small carry case for easy portability. Due to its small size, it is easier to carry in a backpack, or by placing it in the boot of your car. This way you can conveniently carry it to any location like a beach, a campsite, or camping in the woods.

When folded, it resembles a dollhouse-shaped toolbox that can be set up anywhere you like within just three minutes. All you need to do is lift the top and put the meat on the grate inside. You can heat the smoker in various ways such as by placing the smoker directly on the fire; or by putting smoke chips into the smoker’s slot, or by attaching it to a propane burner for providing you total control over cooking temperature and time.

The smoker includes a built-in thermometer that’s attached to its lid for letting you monitor its temperature throughout the cooking process. You can adjust the smokers heat source as per your preference and control the heat whenever it starts getting hotter than what the recipe requires.

This portable smoker can work from short to longer cooking times. This means you can cook all type of recipes that can be prepared within a few minutes or the recipes that take up to two hours for cooking. That’s why this smoker is perfect for cooking not just meat, beef, or fish, but also for cooking hard cheese, vegetables, and tofu. Hence, it conveniently expands your cooking range.

You can purchase this portable and easy-to-use smoker online for US $73.17 and resolve your on-the-go cooking woes.

Via: Uncrate

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