C – BQ By Metalco BBQ Grill Boasts Aesthetic Yet Practical Design

C - BQ By Metalco BBQ

With summer at its peak, there’s nothing better than weekend summer celebrations. And, there is no better way to enjoy summer evenings than outdoor barbecues. However, for that, you need some practical yet aesthetic BBQ grill designs to have an interesting cookout time outside. C-BQ By Metalco is a stylish yet practical grill that can amp up your BBQ game this season.

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Made of Corten steel, this barbecue grill consists of a rotating top integrated with a refractory plate and a stainless steel anti-theft grid.

C - BQ Grill By Metalco BBQ

The structure of the grill stands sturdily on an “L” support, which adds an aesthetic element to the whole design. It is also adjustable to three different heights as per the height of the user. So, anyone can easily use it without any inconvenience.

Thanks to the installed grills, the users can prepare a wide range of foods and recipes that may need a conventional barbecue.

For us, barbecuing is one of the amazing things about summer. With this practical outdoor barbecue grill, the makers offer homeowners a creative example of how they can instantly start grilling outdoors.

Although frying a chicken piece or a steak indoors on a stove top is a practical option these days, it lacks the delicious smoked grilling taste that outdoor, wood-fired barbecued dishes have.

C - BQ By Metalco BBQ

Therefore, this L-shaped BBQ unit seems great to keep outdoor grilling going on your backyard or lawn. Due to its weatherproof design, it is also easier to keep it all season long. However, you need to consider some in-between scraping and cleaning using a regular cleaner.

Want to make this outdoor grill part of your home? You need to send a price request to the manufacturer on their official website.

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