Gulf Coast Smoke BBQ Grill Machine Has Everything You Need

Gulf Coast Smoke BBQ Grill

With warm weather months, grillmasters start getting excited about the outdoor BBQs. However, to throw a successful barbecue party, one needs to assure they have the right equipment and the right ingredients. Be it a backyard, lawn, garden, or in a park, the equipment must be versatile and multipurpose. Keeping this in mind, Gulf Coast Smoke BBQ has created a new TMG Pits Fridge 48 BBQ machine.

This practical BBQ equipment consists of all the necessary features to allow the users to cook abundant smoked meat and veggies for a big house party. The cooking chamber of this BBQ machine features 3-slide trays, each 48-inches wide and 36-inches deep. It means that one slide tray can easily fit 6 briskets. Not just the briskets, you can even conveniently use it to cook a lot of other food for your big gang of family and friends.

Gulf Coast Smoke BBQ Grill

The door of the BBQ chamber features two fridge handles for easily opening/closing it. The whole chamber sits on a small trailer with two golf-size tires for easily transporting the equipment through rugged roads as well.

There is also a small table for preparation and clean up, along with a separate rack. The rack is perfect to store paper towels and utensils. Besides that, the rack is also useful for keeping other items like fuel and extra food. It means you can easily take everything with you within one simple unit.

Portable & convenient grill by Gulf Coast Smoke

For easy movement of this BBQ smoker grill, the designer has also created a flexible handle. It makes it ready to go whenever you want. Whether you are on a roadside, a tailgate party, or at a camp site, this grill is great for making the desired amount of food on-the-go. After the food is prepared, you can simply wrap it on the attached folding table to carry with you.


Besides that, a grease strainer is also present there for draining off the leftover oils to the bottom. Underneath the cooking table, you can put wood to ignite the flame conveniently. At the rear, there is a huge company logo to add aesthetics to this plain-looking BBQ grill.

Overall, it is a perfect BBQ machine for the manly men out there who love to cook grilled meals for themselves and their loved ones.

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