Keep Your BBQ Grill Clean Using an Onion: Find Out How

We are all excited for the grilling season. And, why not? After all, it’s a wonderful time to enjoy a garden or backyard barbecue party with family and friends. But while everyone loves to enjoy good smoked food while chit-chatting with family and friends, we mostly forget to clean your BBQ grill after the party. However, there is one simple ingredient in your pantry to solve your cleaning woes.

If you know how to properly use an onion for grill cleaning, it can easily take off all the grime and food leftovers from the grill. Besides offering you a spotless grill to cook again, this natural ingredient also has many other benefits.

How to use onion for cleaning BBQ grill

Don’t use direct water on the cast iron grates

It is not recommended to use onion directly on the cast-iron grilling grate, as they can rust. This will further hinder the normal functioning of the BBQ grill in the future. Instead, you have to stick it on the onion hack or simply use a cast iron-friendly grill cleaner.

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If your grill doesn’t have cast iron, you can clean it with water. For cleaning, you have to remove the grates and further soak them in a tub filled with soapy water or vinegar-water solution. You may even dip the grill brush in water and start scraping off the debris and grime from the grill.

Cleaning BBQ grill using a fork and an onion

Use an onion after the grates are clear of grime, build-up, and debris

After cleaning a grill with water and removing debris, you can stick half of the white onion onto a grilling fork and scrub it along with the grates. Make sure the half-cut onion is facing down when you’re rubbing it on a grill. If the grill is heated, it works even faster—as the onion starts to break down the sticky sauce and char rapidly. This will usually get the job done. But if you don’t find the desired results, you can consider using natural acids, such as white wine vinegar or lemon juice, for better cleaning.

Why clean a grill using an onion?

With onion, it is easier to peel off any detritus after a grilling session. You can even consider wiping down a clean grill with an onion before putting on your steak or veggies. This way, the natural juice of onion will form a protective coating on the grilled metal. Moreover, your food will get a little onion flavour too.

However, if some stubborn charred remains are difficult to clean, it is best to spray some vinegar or lemon on the onion. The acidity will help in breaking down the grime faster. And, you will finally get a perfectly clean grill to cook on.

Cleaning BBQ Grill Using An Onion

Is there any alternative to the onion?

Although using an onion is a fail-safe way for getting a spotless BBQ grill, it does not hurt to try some other alternatives. Some people say that even corn husks work great for keeping the grill clean.

You may even have heard of tin foil for scrubbing barbecue grills. However, dried-up corn husks work as amazing natural scrubbers. For better cleaning, you can even consider soaking them in vinegar for some time. And, the results will be amazing for sure.

Should you clean a barbecue grill after every use?

In the peak grilling season, it is crucial to clean a grill after every use. You can do that to remove the stuck food particles off the grill grates. It is best to use a scraper or grill brush for properly cleaning your grill. Also, keep the drip pan clean every time.

Can onion prevent food from sticking on your BBQ grill?

For making your grill non-sticky, you can cut the onion in half and rub the inner part onto the grill. Make sure the grill is warm when you’re rubbing an onion. After that, drag an oil dripped paper towel onto the grill to prevent food from sticking to the grill.

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