Tips to Build Your Own DIY Brick Barbecue!

DIY Brick Barbecue

Transform your backyard barbecue game with a DIY brick barbecue for slow-cooking brisket, pig roasts, and more. You don’t need to be a professional to build your own pit with fireproof bricks or cinder blocks. No mortar is required; just stack the blocks together and insert a grill to get started.

This DIY brick barbecue is a popular choice for backyard barbecues because it’s easy to build and maintain, durable, and has a classic design that will never go out of style. Bricks are an excellent choice for building a permanent DIY BBQ pit in your backyard because they’re easy to work with and long-lasting. Be sure to choose high-quality bricks from a reputable manufacturer to ensure the structural integrity of your project, and with proper care, your brick BBQ pit will provide many years of enjoyment.

DIY Brick Barbecue

This DIY brick barbecue is perfect for summer cookouts, with easy-to-clean removable parts and a spacious design. A top warming rack is also available for easy access to food during outdoor gatherings. When building your barbecue, consider the height for the comfort of the cook and add features like storage or side tables for utensils and food. Planning ahead will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor cooking experience for all.

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Concrete mix, barbecue grill set, bricks, and more.


Shovel, spirit level, wire brush, and others.

Tips to build DIY Brick Barbecue

Check out these five tips below to get started on your brick BBQ:

1. Determine the size of your brick BBQ.

Start by measuring the size of your grill and decide how big you need to build the barbecue. Lay out the bricks dry beforehand to judge the correct brickwork, and make sure to pay close attention to the size with the help of a measuring tape. The grill will be resting on a layer of bricks, so it’s important to get the size right.

2. Build on a flat surface:

Once you have determined the size of your brick BBQ, make sure to build it on a flat surface. Use a spirit level to find a level and firm surface and lay down a layer of paving blocks. Keep in mind that the cement will take 24 hours to dry. If your guests are already hungry, it’s best to order a takeaway and invite them over the following day.

DIY Brick Barbecue

3. Prepare the bed of bricks’ mortar:

Do so by mixing five parts of sand with one part of cement, then spread a layer of it on your flat surface. To ensure proper alignment, it’s best to mark out a straight guideline for the first course of bricks. It’s important to note that half bricks may be necessary, so be sure to wear protective gloves and use a chisel and club hammer as needed.

4. Build the height of the BBQ:

Next, begin building up the height of the BBQ, starting at the corners and using a spirit level to ensure everything remains level. Build up to seven layers of bricks, or three bricks’ width beneath the desired grill height. Turn the bricks side-on to create a ledge for the charcoal tray, then add another side-on layer to support the grill.

5. Secure a slab on the top:

Assuming the grill has been placed, your next step is to secure a paving slab on top of the walls to finish the project.

Once you’ve installed the coal tray and wire grills, and given it about 24 hours for the cement to set, it’s time to start the BBQ. Take a moment to celebrate your hard work and feel proud of your accomplishment.

DIY Brick Barbecue

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