How To Make Rotating BBQ Grill?

How To Make Rotating BBQ Grill?

Nothing can beat a great BBQ time during the summer season. After all, nothing screams summer more than smoky-flavored ribs or burgers made on a grill. But the problem with most grills available on the market is that most of them have a stationary grilling grate. So, you have to manually keep tossing and turning meat/chicken/burgers over it.

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If you don’t like this procedure, why not make a DIY rotating BBQ grill for yourself? Today, we are sharing with you a simple YouTube tutorial from Choice Tricks on making a rotating BBQ grill for your backyard. The best part is that this grill is easy to assemble and disassemble. So, you can easily carry it to any desired location for enjoying your favorite barbecued recipes.

How To Make Rotating BBQ Grill?

Construction Of Rotating BBQ

  • To make this DIY BBQ grill, first, you have to make a solid frame by welding metal parts together.
  • Now make a base for keeping coal and burning logs. The tray for fuel also comes attached to a rod, which can set the tray grate at three different levels to ensure how close you want to keep fuel to your food.
  • After that, attach a rotating grill grate over the fuel tray. This grill grate is attached to a handle that makes it easier to rotate the grate without any hassle.
  • After that, add some finishing touches, like painting the grill or coating the grill with weatherproof coating. This will ensure that your grill remains rust and corrosion-free even if you leave it outside your house.
  • But if you don’t want to leave it outdoors, you can easily disassemble it and store it in your garage or any other place in your house.

YouTube Tutorial

Check out the full YouTube Tutorial here to see how this rotating grill grate works and the ways to construct it. If you have got the DIY skills for creating metal objects, you can easily construct them on your own.

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