Korean Folding BBQ Grill Table For Indoor Barbecuing With Family

Korean BBQ is beyond cooking a chunk of meat or chicken over the flame. This culture is all about a shared experience with family and friends sitting around a tabletop grill. Living up to the Korean culture, South Korean Wooju Corporation has created a stunning foldable BBQ Grill table for indoor grilling.

Along with grilling, the table can accommodate some flavor-packed sides, sauces to flavor handmade wraps, vessels to wrap meat and little sides in, etc. It means it lets you completely dive into the delicacies that make Korean BBQ home parties more flavorful.

BBQ Grill Table_1

There is a grill in the center for cooking your favorite meats and veggies within the confines of your abode, where many people are instructed to spend most time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Korean BBQ grill table comes with a removable gas grill with a 47.24-inch wide top. It makes the indoor grilling experience very intriguing and enticing. It is designed for up to four to six people to enjoy grilled food together. If not needed, you can easily fold the table due to its adjustable legs and flatten it for storage.

This grill table consists of an MDF tabletop and plastic legs that can alter its size. Plus, the grill itself is composed of steel. It features a meat fire plate that’s also removable from its top. The bottom part includes a water tray, or oil tray, which needs to be filled with water for reducing oil splatter and smoke during the grilling session.

BBQ Grill Table_2

Furthermore, this table tabletop is very sturdy and thick. So, you can easily place a large, heavy pot over it without worrying about any damage to the material. This table is more like a mini-kitchen in a living room. And, it is designed for adding more spice to your house parties.

Want to bring this Korean BBQ Grill table home for a nice family time over meals? You can grab it now in nine different finishes for around $650 via the WoojuCorporation’s Etsy shop. For more queries, you can contact the designer on the Esty itself.

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