Lockhart creates BBQ sandwich using glazed donuts instead of bread

Texas is one place where barbecue is not just a meal, it’s a complete lifestyle. With changing times, restaurants have brilliantly combined traditional and modern culinary techniques to create different styles of recipes for BBQ lovers. But stand out from the rest of the eateries, Texas-based BBQ joint Lockhart has launched a unique BBQ sandwich that’s made with glazed donuts instead of bread.

This delicious food item comes enveloped in two glazed donuts and is a perfect blend of trendy cooking style using traditional ingredients. The sweet, smoky, and spicy sando is going to please any barbecue enthusiast and you’d surely won’t be satisfied with just one sandwich.

About this unique recipe, owner and pitmaster Barrett Black said:

I was fortunate enough to be given these wonderful recipes of the brisket, the ribs, [and] the sausage from my grandfather, that [he] worked so many years to make just perfect. Part of my job here is to not change anything. But also, part of my job is to be creative.

This sandwich is Black’s 80-year-old family recipe containing jalapeño-cheddar-brisket sausages. These sausages are smoked for hours. After the smoking process, the sausages are cut into small pieces, marinated in maple syrup, and caramelized with a blowtorch for giving it sweet and crispy touch. The final step is to load the torched meat in-between two glazed donuts to make perfect American sandwich.

With this delicious donut sandwich, Black wanted to pay tribute to his grandparents and also wanted to create something new and fun for barbecue-lovers. So, next time when you are in Texas, don’t forget to halt at Lockhart and try this mount-watering BBQ sandwich.

Via: Thrillist

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