New BBQ2U Serves Some Never-Seen-Before Dishes in Central Texas

Opened on March 2, BBQ2U is a new BBQ restaurant that’s brought some never-seen-before dishes for its customers. According to the owner, Gary Parker, it is meant to be Texas…

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Texas 46 BBQ took over former Texas 46 Bar & Grill in Spring Branch

Operated by Cuatro Kowalski, who also runs Freedman’s Bar in Austin, Texas 46 BBQ is a new restaurant offering smoked up meats for barbecue lovers. After a long renovation process…

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Lockhart creates BBQ sandwich using glazed donuts instead of bread

Texas is one place where barbecue is not just a meal, it’s a complete lifestyle. With changing times, restaurants have brilliantly combined traditional and modern culinary techniques to create different…

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Killen’s STQ combines their Steakhouse and Barbecue for good

Last year, Ronnie Killen decided to combine its two restaurants Killen’s Steakhouse and Killen’s Barbecue (both in Pearland just south of Houston) to form Killen’s STQ. This creative restaurant has…

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Franklin Backyard Barbecue

Franklin’s Backyard Barbecue fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief

Soon after devastating Hurricane Harvey, Texas-based restaurant Franklin Barbecue last month caught fire and had to face another structural damage. The BBQ joint remained closed temporarily for a while, but…

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Operation BBQ serves hot meals to aid people stuck in Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Operation BBQ serves hot meals to families affected by Hurricane Harvey

Reportedly, flood waters are still expected to rise in the inundated Texan city of Houston. Over 30,000 people have already been forced from their homes in the wake of Hurricane…

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