Outdoor BBQ Ideas – Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden With Stylish BBQ

Summer is approaching fast. And, if you are thinking of adding a BBQ addition to your garden idea, it’s the best time to do so. From a stunning kitchen-like outdoor BBQ space to a disposable BBQ against the bricked walls in your backyard, there are many outdoor BBQ ideas to make our outdoor space entertaining. Moreover, it will help you add more style to your modern garden design.

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There are various options to choose from to complement any style, size, and budget for your garden makeover with a BBQ addition. From small fire pits and old tire rim that are easy to transform into a grill to detailed built-in BBQs all year round.

But you need to keep in mind that it’s not just about BBQ alone; you also have to keep up with the design aspect as well. The way to decorate the surrounding area around a BBQ has a big impact. When you add stylish seating, a compact prep station, ambient lighting, or a small bar area are some additions to consider.

Outdoor BBQ Ideas To Spruce Up Your Garden Space

1. Specific Cooking Area

Outdoor BBQ Ideas

Make the most of your BBQ system rather than just keeping it in a corner of a deck or patio. Instead, build a dedicated space to keep it. You have to consider getting the most out of an outdoor kitchen to feel that way. Hence, it will also be a better idea to protect things from various elements.

And, you don’t even need much space for this addition. It is easier to set up, even in a small rooftop garden. Just make a BBQ sit on its separate nook. Meanwhile, dedicate a specific preparation area and a seating space to enjoy the whole process.

2. Two-In-One Fire Pit & BBQ

Two-In-One Fire Pit & BBQ

Who does not love the warm and cozy feel of a campfire? You can even get it in the comfort of your home. For this, you need to look for a two-in-one fire pit and BBQ. You need a grill that’s easy to fit on the top of a fire pit for cooking. And, when not in use, you can remove the grill to enjoy it as a warm fire pit.

You can install such a system in the center of your garden. So, everyone can sit around the fire pit for a nice chat while warming up or enjoying nice grilled food. Also, add some cushions and throw blankets for some extra coziness.

3. Create a Complete Outdoor Kitchen

Complete Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ

If you want to cook more meals outdoors in the summer, consider adding a complete outdoor kitchen. It is a practical yet stylish addition to a garden area. Moreover, they are not only reserved for large gardens. You can even make an outdoor kitchen in a compact garden too. However, consider adding multipurpose grill and accessories to smaller spaces.

For instance, if you have a small garden space, you can consider adding a BBQ grill that also functions as a pizza oven, sink, and storage space. If possible, you can even keep a beer barrel in a corner to grab your favorite beverage while making barbecue meat or veggies.

4. Wall-Mounted BBQ Area For Saving Some Space

Wall-Mounted BBQ

Another one of the practical outdoor BBQ designs for small spaces is a wall-mounted BBQ. It is ideal for a smaller space, where you want to add a practical outdoor feel. There are various designs like this. And, the good news is that you don’t need a lot of space for this setup. Plus, you can have everything you desire in one area.

In a small garden, a dedicated wall-mounted BBQ area can free up the floor space. Plus, the shelves create enough space to store wood. It also doubles up as a preparation area.

5. Create BBQ+ Pizza Oven For Garden Parties

Outdoor BBQ Ideas

It is one of the coolest outdoor BBQ ideas. You can use a side section of an old, unused chimney breast and convert it into a BBQ and pizza oven. This setup is easy to create even in a small garden space, like a rooftop garden. It is far more practical and prettier compared to a bulky BBQ. Moreover, a pizza oven is ideal to add a rustic look to any outdoor space where you create it.

Another benefit is that it does more than just be a BBQ + pizza oven. You can use it as an outdoor fireplace for coziness in the chilly evenings. Plus, it adds aesthetic appeal to the outdoor area of your house.

6. Outdoor BBQ Ideas To Make a Style Statement

Portable BBQ for outdoors

You can also consider adding an outdoor BBQ design to your garden to make a style statement. For this style, make the BBQ the centerpiece of the outdoor space. Once you design a BBQ with perfection, consider adding more aesthetic details to the area.

It is a stunning all-in-one design with an area to prepare ingredients, hang tools, and store wood. And, still, it does not look bulky to look at. It is because it doesn’t take up extra space in a room, and it’s very easy to relocate due to the presence of wheels. So, you can move it away if you don’t require it for a while.

7. Compact Outdoor BBQ Ideas For Tiny Garden Spaces

Compact Outdoor BBQ Idea for tiny garden

Do you have a small patio garden or a small courtyard garden? If so, you can consider making gas BBQ to become the sole focus of a given space. Make sure that its compact design matches the style of the outdoor space.

It may be a sleek freestanding unit, an industrial wood-flamed BBQ, or a rustic chiminea. No matter what you prefer, a small BBQ is perfect to fit into any desired small courtyard garden or any other small outdoor space. Plus, you can also add compact, handy storage space for wood.

8. Make a Pergola Around BBQ For All Climate Grilling

Pergola Around BBQ

Don’t want your fireplace to be put off with rain? Or do you live in a hot region where you need some shade to protect yourself from the soaring heat of the sun? In both cases, it is best to add a pergola around your BBQ area. It means that you may enjoy cooking while socializing, no matter what’s the weather like.

9. Rustic-Looking Stone Outdoor Oven

Rustic-Looking Stone Outdoor Oven

Even a stone oven is another one of the stunning outdoor BBQ design ideas to consider for your garden. It is a great addition to your outdoor space if you like to cook outside. Plus, it adds a quick Mediterranean feel to the given space.

Furthermore, you can complete the whole vibe by adding more texture with some potted plants. Or add stunning ambiance with the addition of string-up fairy lights to spruce up the vacation atmosphere.

10. Dedicated BBQ Area With a Bar

BBQ With a Bar

Being a host, you surely don’t want to constantly run in and out of your kitchen while making food. You want to be with your guests to socialize with them. Therefore, it is best to add a dedicated BBQ with a bar to a garden area. This way, you will remain present with your guests and be a part of your party completely. You may even make it decked up too with the addition of rustic chopping boards, pots, and beautiful jars to store utensils.

Also, add a small bar set up so that you are not far away from the drinks. It is best to set up a garden bar next to the BBQ area. It will help you keep your mind relaxed while socializing with your friends while cooking.

How To Decorate a BBQ Area?

For decorating a BBQ area, you need to ensure that you install ample seating options. If you have a good seating space in a garden, you can add casual furniture units to make the area look relaxed yet stylish. You need to create a BBQ space for creating an area where you cook while socializing. You may even add some outdoor chairs or a sofa near the drink station. But make sure to install the BBQ area where it does not blow up smoke over the given space.

Lighting is best for creating a stunning atmosphere. You can add string fairly lights or dot lanterns around the BBQ space. Also, add some greenery to make the area appear delightful. For greenery, you can add small trees or potted plants. It can also help you add privacy to the given space while making it feel as if you have a separate room in a garden.

How To Conceal a BBQ

Some BBQs may not be pretty, no matter how hard you try. While these are great for BBQ outdoor parties, you may don’t want it to be an obvious feature within your garden. One simple way to disguise your BBQ is to keep it in an area in a garden area, where the eye is not drawn to instantly. You can consider adding it to the side of a patio or the decking area.

After that, blend it with the area around it. You may even consider investing in a BBQ shelter or creating a special nook to store your grill. This will make your BBQ design less visible and also easy to turn into an aesthetic garden feature. Furthermore, you can add potted plants or trees to naturally blend in with the surrounding garden.

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