Roxon MBT3 6-in-1 Multi-Tool Kit Is All You Need For An Outdoor Barbecue

Do you love outdoor barbecues? If so, you would then know that a barbecue grill is not all you need for an efficient barbecuing. A proper tool kit is as important while barbecuing as a good grill and proper meat! We know juggling a thousand tools while doing barbecuing is a hefty task and can be superbly intimidating. This is exactly where Roxon’s MBT3 six-in-one multi-tool kit will come of great help.

Roxon’s MBT3 six-in-one multi-tool kit

Although this tool kit looks small and handy, they come with all the important tools that you might need for an outdoor barbecue. The kit essentially comes with a fork, spatula, knife, bottle openers, tongs, and a wine corkscrew. The design comprises three base elements, the fork, spatula, and knife, which are combined via a 1.2mm liner lock.

Roxon’s MBT3 six-in-one multi-tool kit

They are modular, which essentially means all the parts of the main tool can be attached and detached as per convenience for premium utilization. For instance, the spatula and the fork can be attached to create a pair of tongs. Meanwhile, the foldable handles of the knives can be tucked in to create a bottle opener or a corkscrew of a wine bottle! So, it provides you with the comfort of enjoying a cold beer or fine wine while camping outdoors without any glitch whatsoever.

Roxon’s MBT3 six-in-one multi-tool kit

The best thing about the MBT3 toolkit is its extremely low weight. Being a modular toolkit, it provides you with great usability sans weighing too much. You can tuck them anywhere in your bag and get going. You don’t even need any excess baggage to carry it, and you’re getting your entire toolkit in place. Isn’t this amazing? So, if you are a grill addict, you need to have this toolkit in your bag. Buy them here.

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