Essential Steps for Safe Use of BBQ, Smokers, and Gas Grills

12 Essential Steps for Safe Use of BBQ, Smokers, and Gas Grills

Cooking outdoors on a barbecue, smoker, or gas grill is an enjoyable and fun experience for many people. However, it is essential to follow safety guidelines to avoid accidents and ensure a safe grilling experience.

Below are 12 essential steps to ensure safe use of barbecues, smokers, and gas grills.

1. Grill in a safe location

When bringing out your BBQ grill or smoker, it’s crucial to remain aware of your environment. Make sure you set up your grill in a safe location away from any flammable structures. Keep at least 10 feet of clearance between the grill and buildings or structures.

2. Keep your smokers and BBQ grills clean

BBQ grills and smokers that are unclean are one of the primary reasons for accidents associated with grilling. However, a clean grill reduces the risk of flare-ups and fires. So, make sure to clean the grill grates, the interior of the grill, and the drip pans before and after each use.

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3. Keep children and pets away from grilling area

While playing kids and pets can get injured around a grilling area. So, it is best to keep them at least 3 feet away from the grilling area. It’s essential to supervise them at all times to avoid any accidents.

4. Know how to handle fuel

Make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for handling fuel. Always store fuel in a cool, dry place away from any heat or flames.

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When you are cautious of handling the fuel in a right way, you can prevent unwanted injuries or accidents due to mishandling of fuel.

5. Don’t leave your BBQ grill unattended

Do not leave the BBQ grill unattended. when you do so, there can be a high risk of fire outbreak in the surrounding area. So, be cautious and stay near it at all times. You need to keep a watchful eye on the flames to ensure that everything is under control.

6. Be present near the flames at all times

A competent grill master must be present at all times during their work. Not only is this necessary for achieving the best cooking outcomes, but it is also essential for safety. If a flame spirals out of control, someone needs to be present and prepared to extinguish it.

7. Use moderate lighter fluid

If using lighter fluid to ignite the grill, use only a moderate amount. Doing so will keep the fluid going for a long way. And, also avoid using gasoline or any other flammable fuels. You need to follow the instructions given on the lighter fluid container to ensure you follow the effective way to light up the coals/wood.

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8. Keep fire extinguishers near you

Whenever working with fire, it is essential to stay prepared for extinguish it quickly, if necessary. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, and make sure you know how to use it in case of emergency.

9. Check leakage on any gas lines and tanks

Leakage and breakage in gas lines are the reasons for around 22% of fires associated with outdoor gas grills.

So, before using a gas grill, inspect the gas lines and tanks for any signs of leaks, such as hissing sounds or the smell of gas. If you suspect a leak, turn off the gas and have the grill inspected by a professional before using it.

10. Check the wind flow

Make sure to set up the grill in a location where the wind is not blowing directly into it. A gust of wind can cause the flames to flare up or blow embers onto nearby surfaces. You got to be careful with that and find a location where there is no direct wind flow into the grill.

11. Don’t add excessive wood or fuel into the flames

Avoid adding excessive wood or fuel into the flames, which can cause the flames to flare up and create a dangerous situation.

You can also avoid significant flare-ups by opening the lid before turning on the propane or gas supply/burners for your grill. This will prevent gas buildup and potential explosions when attempting to ignite it.

12. Wear proper clothes for safety

Wear clothing that is not loose-fitting and is made of non-flammable material. Avoid wearing long sleeves or hanging jewelry that could get caught on the grill or smoker.

Final Thoughts

Grilling is an enjoyable and tasty way to cook outdoors, but it’s essential to follow safety guidelines to avoid accidents. By following these 12 essential steps, you can enjoy a safe and fun grilling experience with your family and friends.

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