Traeger’s New Ironwood Grills: The Ultimate Backyard Game-Changer

Traeger's New Ironwood Grills

Traeger, Inc. has again proven why they are one of the top brands for outdoor cooking devices with the launch of their brand new Ironwood and Ironwood XL grills. Both these grills come integrated with amazing features to take outdoor cooking for next level.

The Smart Combustion Technology of the grills is one of the standout features that you need to know about. This technology keeps the fire burning at the perfect temperature. It further results in consistent flavor and heat for every cooking style. It also means that you get to cook any type of food to perfection each time you fire up the grill.

Traeger's New Ironwood Grills

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Another amazing feature to look out for is its FreeFlow Firepot. It enables you to enjoy the maximum airflow while eliminating the flareups. It results in even heat distribution while cooking larger portions of meat, like pork shoulder and brisket.

The Ironwood grills even come with a touchscreen user interface to convenient use and personalized customization options. You even get to set it to desired temperature and cooking time. Plus, you can easily choose from several cooking modes, like grill, smoke, and bake. Moreover, the interface lets you get easier access to The grills’ library that features various tasty recipes that one can try out on the new grill.

Other Advanced Features:

Some other advanced features of these grills are given below. These features are great for revolutionizing the way you grill your food. Bet it precision temperature control or the ultimate wood fire flavor, both these grills are ideal to make your outdoor cooking feel more fun than every before.

Wood fire flavor:

These grills make use of natural hardwood pellets for adding perfect smoky flavor to the meat. It is unmatched by any other form of fuel. These pellets also come in various flavors, so you get to choose the right one to complement your food.

Precision temperature control:

The precision temperature control in the grills help with more accurate cooking while offering better smoke absorption. You may even set your grill at desired temperature for constant cooking process to make sure the food is cooked perfectly each time.

Traeger's New Ironwood Grills

Easy-to-use control panel & mobile app:

Ironwood grills also offer you better control. These grills feature an easy-to-use control panel to enable you to set the temperature, cooking time, and other parameters. You may even monitor the food from a tablet or smartphone using Traeger app.


They also include set-it-and-forget-it feature. Due to this feature, the cooking outdoors feels like a breeze. When you set the desired temperature, you can freely walk away and let your grill complete its task. It means you get to enjoy more time with the family and friends, without having to stay near the grill throughout the cooking process.


you even get to customize your grills with differnt options. You may choose from several accessories and upgrades to enhance the overall grilling experience, including covers, additional shelves, etc.

Grease management system:

These grills even are ideal for no-hassle clean up. Hence, the grease management system can easily collect and capture grease for easier clean up after every use.

Traeger's New Ironwood Grills

Overall, Traeger’s both Ironwood and Ironwood XL grills are an ultimate game-changer for outdoor cooking. Thanks to their innovative features, it’s easier to attain perfect cooking of several mouth-watering dishes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pitmaster, the Ironwood grills are ideal for mastering gourmet control.

Price & Availability

While the cost of Ironwood grill is $1,799, the Ironwood XL costs $1,999. Both the grills are available for purchase on Traeger’s website, as well as at key retailers across the US and Canada.

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