Welded Steel AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill To Improve Your Barbecue Game

No matter how you pronounce Imperial Walker, AT-AT (is it “at-at” or “ay-tee ay-tee”?), you’ll surely be impressed with the BBQ version of this Imperial-class Star Destroyer from sci-fi Star Wars. Alex Dodson of Burned by Design has created this outstanding hand-welded steel AT-AT Walker with an easy-to-use BBQ grill and cook shelf inside its anthropomorphic back.

Welded Steel AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill has been designed using the original movie blueprints from back in the day. It’s further handcrafted in mild steel with 4mm precision cut laser profiles. This out-of-this-world creation is likely to draw the attention of your neighbors every time you ignite a fire in this grill.

Welded Steel AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill_1

Many people love to purchase products in the shape of these animal-bodied all-terrain armored tanks that attacked Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. All thanks to crazy designers, you may have seen many AT-AT influenced products in the market. However, AT-AT hand-welded steel BBQ grill is our favorite so far.

However, this is not the only Star Wars-themed creation by Dodson’s Burned by Design. The designer has even created a wood burner and BBQ that resembles Spooky Groot. He’s even made many other wood burners and fire pits influenced by the galaxy far, far away.

Welded Steel AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill_2

To know more about the Burned by Design creations, you can visit the official website. You can even request the designer to create a custom-made Star Wars BBQ grill for your backyard.

We are certain that these exquisite BBQ grills and wood burners are likely to add otherworldly charm to your garden or backyard area.

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